Being Green


How does Zacherl Funeral Home participate in Recycling and Energy Saving?

We thought you’d like to know.


Zacherl Funeral Home actively supports recycle programs. We perform daily recycling practices, such as recycling paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum, other cans and glass.

Some of our other programs might surprise you. Listed below are some of the ways that we do our best to support recycling in our community.


  • Collect eye glasses for the Lions Club World Vision Program. If you would like to donate eyeglasses, they may be dropped off at the funeral home.
  • Zacherl Funeral Home supports organ and tissue donation. We actively work with the tissue procurement organizations and we make our facility available for use by the procurement agencies.
  • After funeral services, if the family wishes, we will deliver funeral flowers to area nursing homes, and care centers. Often volunteers then make individual bouquets for residents or residents will remake their own arrangements during a craft time.
  • When possible we use compact fluorescent bulbs for energy conservation.
  • Use of programmable thermostats for heating and cooling.
  • We are a Licensed Crematory Authority staffed by experienced, knowledgeable Crematory Operators who have completed specialized training. We take pride in the clean operation of our crematories, meeting or exceeding all EPA air standards.
  • We use a professional medical waste disposal company to properly dispose of medical waste; it does not go to the landfill.


These are some of the ways that Zacherl Funeral Home supports recycling efficiency in energy use and practical judgment in use of our precious natural resources.