Cremation Options


Cremation is becoming more popular for many reasons. Our goal is to establish your trust with our cremation processes and procedures. Let us share those:


  • At Zacherl Funeral Home, we specialize in offering several cremation packages, starting at $2,300, to best meet the unique needs and concerns of each family.


  • Zacherl Funeral Home has an on-site crematory. Your loved one never leaves our care.


  • Our directors have been licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services and understand and follow all the legal requirements for cremation.


  • Our funeral home is a member of the Funeral Service and Cremation Alliance of Wisconsin and the National Funeral Director’s Association.  


  • Our licensed staff have been trained and certified as crematory operators.


  • Our pledge to serve your family as we would our own, means that we treat every body with respect and dignity at all times. 


  • Every person in our care is given a special identification number that remains with them from the time they enter our care until the time of final disposition.



Many people misunderstand that if the family chooses cremation, there can be no viewing. In fact, there can be a visitation before cremation takes place. When there is a visitation before cremation, caskets with removable interiors are usually rented. 

To download a PDF copy of our General Price List, please click here.