Funeral Service Options

After choosing a funeral home, your family must decide how your loved one’s body will be cared for. Your general choices are:

  • a funeral service with an open or a closed casket
  • a funeral service followed by cremation
  • a memorial service with or without cremated remains present
  • a graveside service, or
  • no memorial service


We also provide special services to families simply transporting a loved one from another region of the state or country for burial or entombment in our area.


No Matter What Choice Your Family Makes, All Our Services Include:

  • a personal website obituary page
  • a digital fingerprint of your loved one
  • 24/7 access to funeral home staff
  • the presence of funeral home staff during all visitation and service hours
  • use of our family lounge area
  • transport of flowers and personal effects of the family after services
  • an invitation to our Annual Memorial Service in December


Burial or Entombment

Finally, the final disposition of your loved one should be chosen. The most common options include:

  •  burial of a body or cremated remains
  • entombment of a body or cremated remains
  • scattering of cremated remains in an approved location
  • caring of cremated remains at home


More Information About Burial

The act of placing the deceased in the ground has been a tradition of many cultures for centuries. A hundred years ago it may have been allowed on personal property. Today it is predominantly allowed only in cemeteries. Some families have burial plots purchased for use by family members for a number of generations. Others purchase what they need at the time of need. While law does not require it, most cemeteries do require a burial vault for in ground disposition. The vault protects the casket and the ground around it from caving in from the weight of the ground or heavy equipment.


Many people misunderstand that if the family chooses a burial, a body must be embalmed. While the law does not require embalming, it is required by Zacherl Funeral Home for any open casket public visitation or viewing.


More Information About Entombment

Many cemeteries, in addition to burial arrangements, have mausoleums for entombment. These structures are made of concrete and stone and are above ground. The casket is placed directly into each crypt (space) and then the crypt is sealed. Companion or adjoining spaces are available in a variety of ways in each cemetery so that families can be entombed together. In addition, mausoleums may require embalming of the deceased for entombment.


Annual Memorial Service

As the end of the year approaches and family get-togethers become more frequent in the holiday season, it can be a very difficult time for those who have a family member missing. On the first Sunday of December, we invite the families we have cared for in the past year to join us for a memorial service. Our hope is that the service helps families cope with the realization that a chair will be empty this holiday season.

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