Pre-Arranging Services

What is pre-arranging?

Pre-arranging is a way of making informed decisions ahead of time instead of hasty, emotional choices often made at the time of need.


Why Pre-Arrange?

  •  Your true wishes about your funeral can be expressed.
  • It spares your family and friends stressful decisions at a difficult time.
  • It gives you the ability to pre-pay, if you wish.


Your Options

Meet with a funeral planner. This is the recommended option. It is often easier to meet for a no obligation appointment to learn about all your options and ask all the questions to someone in-person. Please contact us to schedule a time to meet with a funeral director.


Begin planning on your own.  If you’d prefer to begin considering all of your possibilities on your own, the first step is to review our Funeral Planning Checklist to help you consider all the choices and gather all of the information you’ll need. 


Pre-Paying for Services

It is possible and sometimes even recommended to estimate one's funeral costs and pay for these in advance. Some choose to do this because it is easier for the family when death occurs. Others need to do this because they are approaching Medicaid and any assets they have left could be used up for health care, leaving nothing for funeral expenses. Because a funeral home is not allowed to be paid for services until they are rendered, all pre-payment funds are invested. The funeral insurance policy sold by Zacherl Funeral Home for funeral services is the best way to insure funds are available for that time of need.


What if I Move?

Any monies set aside during a pre-arrangement, as well as service plans, can be transferred to another funeral home.